Calendar behavior when switching tabs

I found a problem when switching between the calendar and other tabs (e.g. the mail tab):
When you are in week view and go to another week (not the current one) and then switch back to mail (to read an incoming mail) and then switch back to the calendar, you are set back to the current week. This is very annoying, especially when you are planning for a future week.
Any plans to fix that, so you land where you just left off?

Hi Peter, thank you for reporting this, however this unfortunately not an issue of the application, this is the intended behavior.
I can change the category of the topic to an idea topic, so if more users find this feature more annoying than useful, we can consider improving this in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks for your response. Yes, you can change the category to idea. It would be great if you could consider changing that with the next update. In case a user wants to get back to the current week, there is always the ‘today’ button - but there is no possibility to get back to that specific week, 100 days from now away.

Hi again, thank you for your input on this, I think you have a valid point with the today button, again as I mentioned we’ll consider this for future releases.

Thank you for the suggestion,

Any updates?

Hi Peter, we’re currently considering improving this behavior for future updates of eM Client, however there has not been a “fix” for this feature yet.
This is currently an intended behavior of the application and no decision to improve it has been made yet.

Thank you for understanding,