calendar attachment

When I receive appointments that have attached files through exchange, I can;t see or open them in the calendar client.  But I know they are there because I can get them through outlook.  The “Attachment” tab is not even present for the item.

I love the Client but this is a critical feature for me.

Hello David,
unfortunately this is an issue we are aware of and are working on fixing. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Is there an update on this

hello? Any update?

Is there ever going to be a response to this? I like the eM interface, but the calendar attachment feature is a very important function in using my Exchange account. If it’s not fixed, I suppose I will have to go back to using Thunderbird because it works perfectly there.

Indeed, since last update Exchange is rock solid (so I did not ditch the client) and I use it.
Just yesterday I screwed up a meeting because of not reading the attachments (as I did not see them),.

This is still an important missing feature, please give an update on the fix for this.

Is there any update on this feature. It is very important.

Any update - the point was first raised above, 4 years ago. it is so basic. will there be a response?

Is there any more news on this? As the last poster said, this was originally raised nearly 5 years ago now, but sadly no progress. Even Windows Calendar app can at least read the attachments.