Calendar appointments unexpectedly showing up on phone, tablet

I’ve been using eM client for a couple of years and have free version installed on my Windows desktop and laptop machines. Recently eM appointment reminders have begun to be displayed on my Android phone and tablet - I don’t understand how eM is aware of those devices, or how the reminders are being sent to them. I’m not subscribed to any Internet calendars.

The online calendar would probably have been setup when you setup your email account. You should be able to see the calendar in the Calendar section of eM Client.

When you create a new event, you simply need to ensure you are saving it in the correct calendar. Possibly you were doing that until recently, then switched calendars. If you don’t want the event shared with your other devices, then save it in a Local Folders calendar.

If you don’t want the online calendars in eM Client at all, you can remove them from your account. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. Clicking on the General tab for the account will show the services that are installed for each account.

This is for GMail. Simply untick Google Calendar, then tick OK.

For other accounts it may be setup as CalDAV, so just untick that, then click OK.

Any events that you already saved to the online calendar should be moved to the local calendar before you disable the online one.

Thanks for the reply - I do have a Google mail account and a Verizon account set up in eM, but I checked and see that all of my appts are saved to my local folder, but they still show up on my Android devices. I suspect that Google has something to do with this. It’s not a big deal, just curious.