Calendar Appointment Time issue

When I input a new appoint on the calendar (google) and click the time wanted, the calendar popup always schedules the time for 30 minutes later. So if I do a 5:00 appt it pops up a 5:30 appt. Any idea why? thanks!


have you checked your timezones if they correspond your time? Are you trying to insert ending time before start time?
And what eM Client version do you use?


hi, thanks for your reply.
What I do is double click the space on the calendar if the appt is at 430 I click that box and then when the window opens up the time in the window always says 500. It’s always 30 minutes after the appt time I’m double clicking on. Never happens on my home machine running em 5 and windows 8, but always does running em 5 and xp on the machine at work.
thanks, Lisa

so you have 4:30 in Windows and when you want to create event is set as default to 5:00 and then when you create it event is set to 5:30?

Have I understood it right?


I, too, am having a problem with the appointment times. I will setup an appointment with someone or someplace and in the confirmation Email is an attachment (.ics) to save it to my calendar. I open the file and the appointment screen appears. It always has the wrong times listed. There could be a difference of 12 hours. The time zone listed next to the times is set to UTC, but that is not the time zone I have selected in my preferences. I always have to manually set the times and then when I save it, the times change. For example, I manually set an appointment time to 9:15am, but when I saved it, the time now shows 1:15pm.