Calendar and Contact view without Local Folders?

Hi, I really enjoy eM Client because of its resemblance with Outlook and Live Mail but there’s one thing that annoys me and that’s the need to enable Local Folders view in order to view my contacts and calendar. Is there a way to bypass this? I like to have my interface as minimalist as possible and I don’t need Local Folders, I just use one email account and want to use the Calendar and Contacts features with it.

I am sorry, but it is not possible. eM Client is designed to use Gmail accounts including their calendar primarily so there is no need to show Local folders for Calendar only.

Hi, I didn’t quite get it. I mean, I use an email account with eM Client (it’s not gmail, msn or yahoo by the way) and I manualy added my contacts and calendar entries by myself, no sync with the email account. What I would like to have is the possibility to see my contacts and calendar entries without the need to enable the local folders view, wich I don’t even use. I noticed that when I enable the local folders, I can see my contacts and calendar, even if I disable it just right after, but if I leave the program and open it again, without local folders enabled, my contacts and calendar entries are hidden again. So could you say the local folders are being used to save my contacts and calendar, even if they are the defaults I use? I mean, I didn’t stored them in calendarX or contactsY for instance, I used the preset locations.

I just meant that it is not possible to show local folders only for Calendar and Contacts.

Ok, let’s see if I can explain myself better. I don’t want local folders at all, I just want to be able to see my contacts and calendar without it. With local folders disabled, I get this message “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed” when I go to my contacts or calendar or even tasks, but what are these folders then if not the default locations for stored contacts, calendar and tasks? Why can’t I use them instead of local folders wich will be subfolders to them anyway? That could be a feature to obtain in a next version of the program. Just take a look to Windows Live Mail and you’ll see what I mean. Thanks.

I see your point, but the default calendars are saved locally on your disc so that is the reason why they are stored in Local folders. Anyway, I will forward your request to our developers so they can consider it.

I agree with oscar. I only want to see the Contacts (stored locally) to be displayed and no other local folders, whatsoever. 

The account I have set up is using IMAP so there is no need for local folders in my case. I don’t want to store any emails locally as I want to also be able to read the same emails on a tablet and a mobile phone. I am setting this up for a family member who is less technical than myself, so I don’t want anything displayed which might cause them confusion - i.e. local folders for email.

It is hugely frustrating that eMClient does not give control over which specific local folders are displayed and not displayed. By ‘not displayed’ I mean not collapsed with an expand item, I mean not displayed at all.

why do you treat Contacts, Calendar, and tasks as local Folders?

Contacts are Contacts, Calendars ar Calendars, and Tasks are Tasks and not primarly “local Folders”. From the point of view on programmers side I really don’t see any problem to redeploy these Functions in another manner!

I’m currently testing eM -Client for a Corporation, for a possibilty to replace Thunderbird. This seems to be a show stopper!

This thread is about 3 years old. It seems that you don’t want customers, thats the Fact I read between the lines!

I suppose contacts do need some kind if note to say if they are stored locally for example but the current way emclient does it, all under a local folder is visually awkward for reasons already explained all of us here. If they aren’t seen to be acting on your request them have a look at (don’t work for them, don’t know if has features required)

I would also vote for a possibility in the settings to split the “Show local folders” for E-Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts

Another problem corresponding to local folders: If I send a mail from an IMAP account, it will be placed in the Outbox of the local folders and not in the Outbox of the IMAP account. Could this be corrected by ‘adding’ a link to the local Outbox in each IMAP tree?

thx for the tip!
I just had a quick look onto this program, it could be an alternative to Thunderbird, but ist does not support multiple Signatures (TB doesn’t too - or only with signature switch addon, the function is not clearly).
This is a great Plus for eM Client, but currently I see several showstoppers.

  • Emails from IMAP cannot be read on first open, it has to be opened Twice
    “Download message, The message wasn’t downloaded as you where not connected to the server.”
    The email Server is on the same machine, no personal Firewall involved - it should be fast enough!

  • Search doesn’t find anything!
    In Comparison while typing in searchbox of TB, TB already offers suitable “Search words”.

Thats not true…

You can specify a default signature for new / reply / forward + switch manually to any signature you want (em7 will additionally allow you to edit html for signatures).
I would give it a try. It’s my daily runner for a few weeks now and I have no problems:

You can set ‘set as read after 0 seconds’ in settings-mail-read then every mail will be set directly as read.

You have to select ‘Download for Offline usage’ in IMAP accounts to allow em client to build an index. then searching works (sadly type-ahead only for mail addresses)

@ Daniel
My Statement according Signatures belonged to getmailbird, not to eM!
The usability of several different signatures is ab big Plus for eM!

You didn’t understand!
If you open an email the first time it’s not opened, you see the Failuremessage: “Download message, The message wasn’t downloaded as you where not connected to the server.”
You have to open it a second time to see the content.
It doesn’t matter if you opent it by double klick (opened in new window) or single klick (opened in “reading area”)

I tested ‘Download for Offline usage’.
Surprise, this additionally fixes the issue above too.

“sadly type-ahead only for mail addresses” - Thunderbird does the same, but nevertheless finds words also inside of mails.

Currently I’ve installed the Beta eM 7.
there were a few broken connections during the sync - No connection limits on the server applied and no corresponding errors in the Mailserverlogs, but now it seems that the sync is completed.
As announced, search now finds something.

Now I will check the program some time.

currently the issue regarding the one and same treatment of the purpose of local Folders, contacts, calendars and tasks is left on the negative side (altough it can be handled I think).