calendar and contact sync issue

calendar and contacts not syncing to phone? I have an outlook account which is syncing but to the phone is ne its another story. any help?

This can  be done and it works well, but can take some screwing around with to get it right, or did with me till I found the key. I followed your same path from Outlook years ago.

In creating your account, or a separate syncing account, you must be sure that for the CALENDAR and CARDAV tabs in account setup, you must use your APPLE ID, NOT your regular email login credentials. Also, use the manual account setup, not the auto one. Further, if you have ATT/Yahoo for email, DO NOT select Yahoo in the email selection. Select “other”, and spell out the details.

I have also learned it can all be in one common account, whereas for years I had a 2nd separate account just for iCloud syncing. It’s not necessary.

I am syncing with Apple’s  iCloud in the cloud, AND iCloud on my PC, AND my iPhone, contacts, calendar, and mail. It all works great. Also syncs with my wife’s iPad calendar (and her iPhone too).

Good luck.

Not sure I understand, I am not an apple user?

My response is PC based, not Apple. I’m a PC user. As far as I know, you need an iCloud account to sync with the phone (or iPad). Even if you don’t care and don’t want to use it, Just lit it sit there and ignore it.

Download the PC iCloud app and create the account with an Apple ID. Also pick your password carefully so you won’t want to change it as changing it later will mess you up (in my experience).

You probably already have an Apple ID, right?

More on eMC account setup later if necessary.