CalDAV strange sync problem

I have a CalDAV account installed. This was easy and it works quite well. BUT… Let’s say I have a appointment in my calendar and a time when my computer should announce me that it is approaching. Now let’s say I get this message on my Mac and close it. Now I go back to my windows Computer, open em-client and get the message that there is an appointment in my calendar. Now I close this message an get the error message that something couldn’t be uploaded to the server, because it was probably changed on the server. It’s clear: it was. And em-ylient should notice this. It semms it doesn’t. How can I get em-client to work correctly with CalDAV?

could you please copy the error message and content of the third tab in the same operations window titled ‘Log’ here next time this issue occurs?
Also, please copy the number of the installed eM Client version in Help>About section.


There is just one big message window without Tabs. I could make a screenshot, but Im quite new to Windows (10) - better: I’m back after a long time - and don’t know how to do this. (Anyway: the error message is in german.)

Here is a screenshot. And this is, what I did to get this message:

  1. I created an event on my Mac. This was synchronized as expected and appeared in emclient too. It hat an alarm set to start time.
  2. At start time I’ve got the alarm and closed it on my Mac.
  3. I went to Windows and operned emclient. I’ve got there the alarm message and closed it. The rsult is the message in the screenshot. It tells me that emclient couldn’t synchronize because the event was changed on the server. 

I don’t understand this.

When I do the same the other way: Close the alarm message in emclient and turn then to my Mac, there is no problem. If the message is already there because the Mac was running, I can close it without any problem. If not, because I started the Mac nee, the message doesn’t appear.

So what can I do?

The version number is 6.0.244320.0

(By the way: Why is it so hard to find a windows program which works correctly with CalDAV and CardDAV?)

EDIT: I found out: If I don’t click any of the buttons, but close the window with the X in the right corner, the alarm message comes back immediately and now I can close it without problems, without appearing this huge message box. If this behaviour has any sense, it seems to be a very strange one…

I consulted this issue with our developers and this problem is being fixed for the upcoming version 7.
The issue is with an incorrect actions order.
Sorry for the inconvenience.