CalDav Setup Error

*** The folder you selected does not belong to the CalDav account or isn’t an event folder ***

I am testing setting up a CalDav account (to syncrhonize with my Google calendar in
When I setup the CalDav account in eM Client and I select the Calendar folder where I want to the events to be, I get the above message.
I know that the Calendar folder is an event folder so what am I doing wrongt?

Problem solved, I guess.
I found out that when setting up an eM Client account for Calendar, (at least in the case of Google Calendar), I just have to setup it as if it were a GMail Email account rather than directly as CalDav.
Then, GMail account will show me a CalDav tab, where I can enter login/passw.
So I guess this was the problem.
What is not clear however is why if I select another calendar in EmClient to be the repository i get “[CalDVA] Cannot Create Folder ‘Calendar’ with following error: Not Found”