CalDAV free time

Hi devs, I just started using eM Clinet and I like it. Threaded messages display I can live without, but what I’d really like to see is “free time” information for invitees when creating a meeting invite.

The company calendar is Zimbra and I’m connecting to it through CalDAV. Is free time information not working, or is there something I need to configure to make it working?

P.S. Why can I not log in with Chrome, I’m using Firefox ATM?

Thanks for your answer, Miha

Hi Miha, unfortunately free/busy information for scheduling is only available for some supported servers (such as gmail, icewarp, etc.), unfortunately Zimbra seems to be one of the unsupported servers. However note that free/busy status sometimes only works while inviting another person using the same calendar service (i.e. Zimbra).

Thank you for understanding,