CalDAV Error - Invalid mailto

I am trying em client as an alternative to Outlook. My corporate calendar uses CalDAV, and for the most part, the switch has been nearly flawless. However, there is one problem that I cannot overcome yet.

Any meeting that was accepted prior to the switch to em client does not use a normal “mailto” in the organizer property. Outlook apparently uses its own format to handle lookups, and em Client seems to just have trouble with this and simply leaves the “mailto” blank. When the mailto is blank, the server will not accept updates (e.g. meeting updates or rejections).

Here is an example of the property as set by Outlook:
ORGANIZER;CN=“Smith, John (Org)”:mailto:Smith,~John~(Org)

When I try to view the same meeting in em client, I see:
ORGANIZER;CN=“Smith, John (Org)”:mailto:

(Also, I do have an entry in my contact list for “Smith, John (Org)”)

So when I try to do any meeting activity that would involve sending an update to the server, the server sees an empty mailto: link and complains. The CalDAV log from em Client shows:

08:33:13.256|044|   BEGIN:VEVENT
08:33:13.155|044|   ORGANIZER;CN=“Smith, John (Org)”:
08:33:13.256|044|   END:VEVENT
08:33:13.653|044|   S: PUT https://path/to/calendar/F9295C…|   BadRequest Bad Request
08:33:13.653|044|   Response, stream length: 
-1, 196
08:33:13.653|044|   Content: 

400 Bad Request

400 Bad Request

mycorp.icalendar.exception.ICalParseException: Invalid URI:mailto:(comp=VEVENT, prop=ORGANIZER).

Is it possible to either resolve a descriptive email name back to a contact in the contact list, or prompt the user to provide the email address in the absence of one, so that the event can be updated properly?

Hi Jonathan, sorry for my late reply, what CalDav service are you using? What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

I am using the client version 6.0.20498.0. I’m not certain what CalDav service is being used. 

Hi, from the look at the log you’ve sent me it seems like your server address to the caldav server is not filled in properly, can you make a screenshot of the caldav settings from Tools > Accounts > Your problematic account > Calendar?
Also try to update to this more recent version of eM Client…

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I just updated to that version of the client, though I don’t see anything in the changelogs that seem to point to this particular issue.

I also double-checked the server address. It seems to be working just fine - it gets new invitations and handles new meeting requests / appointments just fine. It’s only having trouble with the requests that were accepted by Outlook. Here’s the screenshot requested, though (domain name blurred for privacy):

Hi again Jonathan, can you please find out what calendar service are you using? Do you have your account hosted on a private domain, what hosting are you using?

Could you also go to Tools > Settings > Advanced, and turn on CalDav logging for the problematic account.

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Replicate the issue
    When the error occurs, please go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send logs” and send the logs to with a reference link to this forum topic.

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