caldav doesn't sync in 2 ways

I have set up a CalDAV calendar with my webmail in EM Client. It works perfectly in 1 direction. But unfortunately I cannot make new agenda items on this CalDAV calendar, so it doesn’t sync back to the webmail. I expect full synchornization. Other desktop client such as Thunderbird does support 2 way direction.


Hello Kim,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could we ask who is your e-mail provider? Is this a shared calendar? Could you please try to manually refresh the calendar in eM Client and see if it synchronizes with the web app?
Also, do you get an error message of some kind? If that is the case, could you please enclose a screenshot of the error, open the third tab in the same window as the error titled ‘Log’ and copy its content here? (For fast copying, pressing Ctrl+A will select everything).

Thank you,

Any update to this fix? My icloud calendar sync to eM, but if I add appt. in eM calender will not sync to iclould calendar? thanks,

I have the same problem. Are there solutions?  Thanks, TM

I have no problem with icloud, try with no virusscanner,…,or after add one appt hit refresh