CalDav do not sync since last update

Hey all,
since I reinstalled Windows 11 and with it also had to reinstall the emclient (in the actual version) there is a problem with one of my caldav accounts.
There are more caldav accounts with several different servers. And only one of this do not work!
I can create an account, with the caldav server adress, username and password. No error. The account is displayed in calender view, but ist names as my unsername, not with calendername.

Of course I searched a lot about this error. The calender ist from my work, and I know that in 2020 there was a manual für thunderbird to activate olter TLS versions. But I do not want to use thunderbird :wink:
It ist possible, that there ist the problem? Can I teach emClient to allow older tls Versions?

thanks for your support!

When the calendar shows without any folders, so just the account name, and there are no errors, that is because the URI is incorrect.

thanks for your reply!
The URL ist correct, I tried it with other software and used the same URL before with an older version.