CalDAV & CardDAV on iCloud

To my knowledge, EM Client is the only Windows-based email program that support these. My sincere gratitude for including this functionality.

For any others trying to add this, the URLs that worked for me are:

Of course, you need to enter your iCloud user and password in the space provided.

I did notice, however, when trying to update a contact or calendar entry, it creates a duplicate entry locally. If you try to delete the original, it errors out with a “Precondition failed” error.

I’m not even sure that this is EM Client’s fault, or if Apple has implemented the protocol incorrectly.

In any event, is there a way to subscribe in a read-only mode, to prevent unintended updates to iCloud entries?

currently we are in phase of investigating iCloud support potential. But we we would appreciate if you send us logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check CalDAV. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs (with reference to e.g. this topic) using the same logging settings window.


Starting with eM Client 3.5 the following URLs should work:

Note that the Terms of Service ( may prohibit you from connecting to iCloud with eM Client. I am not a lawyer.

Thank you Gabriel & Flip,

I sent in the logs. Regarding the URLs, for me both formats yielded the same results.

I would like to to join this topic.
I also use eM Client to sync my calendar and contacts with the new iCloud service.
It works fine for me. Just a small issue is that if I create a daily event within eM Client it does not show up as a daily event within the iCloud. If I create a new daily event or if I change one to daily on one of my ios devices it got synced to eM Client in the right way. So in short words daily events work from the iCloud down to eM Client but not the other way round.

Hi, if I edit iPhone contact another entry is added to Em Client contact, also if I delete a contact on iPhone contact is not deleted in Em Client so I guess with Contact there is not 2 way syncing.



This should be resolved in the latest eM Client version (4.0.14479.0 as of this writing).

I’m having issues syncing the two. EM has all my contacts that I want, but they are not pushing to iCloud or my phone. Any help as to why this is happening?

Thanks, I can confirme that the problem is solved with Version 4.0.14479.0

Mine not pushing either…

Can someone confirm does contact sync actually work ?
And unless i’m terribly mistaken, avatar import doesn’t seem to work either.

Perhaps this is some useful information.

When trying to go directly to a avatars photo URL I receive the following error.

“{“error”:1,“reason”:“Missing X-APPLE-WEBAUTH-TOKEN cookie”}”

I wonder if eM could import the additional missing cookies(token) into the app somehow if that would not resolve many of the underlying syncing issues ?

Some of the fields are working some not! All the (standart) fields like adress, phone no. email are working. Others are not, like birthday date and picture. It would be nice if emclient could support them all.