CalDAV & CardDAV autoconfig bug


We use SOGo, and the autoconfig in EM Client for calendars and contact places “:” where the server name should be. For example, https://:/SOGo/dav/[email protected]/

The caldavsynchronizer plugin for Outlook auto-detects everything right, so this has to be an EM Client bug.

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That is the information your server is passing to eM Client. Maybe it is not correctly configured.

You could contact them and ask for the correct uri and set it up manually.

If that was the case, then the caldavsynchronizer plugin for Outlook wouldn’t auto-detect everything right as I wrote in the initial message… Besides, I find it very unlikely that you have validated this isn’t a bug of eM Client in half an hour… this is a bug in your product, but if you were interested in troubleshooting it you would at least ask what version I have installed! (8.1.979 by the way).

The server may pass different information to different clients. One thing I do know is that CalDAV uris are often different by application, so what works in Thunderbird won’t work in eM Client for example.

If you want to take this up with eM Client, please open a support ticket with them. Otherwise, this is a user supported forum. Nobody here is employed by the company. We do this as volunteers, which means we are interested in troubleshooting. If we weren’t interested, why would we waste our time?

I am sorry that you are unhappy that I did not ask what version you are using, but for this issue it isn’t important.

I’m very sorry, since I was reporting a bug I thought the answer came from a eM Client employee… I’ll check if they provide a way to report bugs in their product. Thanks for your response.

They do monitor the forum, but very rarely comment here.

Best option is if you have a Pro License, open a support ticket with the company. They will be able to help you configure your CalDAV if you are not prepared to accept other user’s assistance.

CalDav is configured, it is very easy to realize the issue and solve it, but I don’t have a pro License (I’m testing the app as an Outlook alternative), just wanted to collaborate and report the bug…