Caldav calender account creation


I am new here…

I just defined an account of type caldav in eMclient
Server : eM client would not accept just like my iphone
Username: a mail account on that server
Password: the mail password.
Description : does not matter
On my iphone I can synchronize with it
On eMclient I still only see a calendar on the local folders.
The refresh button offers me to synchronize this account (Calendar, Contacts only)
but welll nothing happens

Where is the mistake?

It is my experience that the URI used on a phone is not the same as will be used in a desktop application. Also, that URI seems a bit short, and should start with https not http. I use GMX and the URI is quite a bit longer:

Who is your provider?

Hi Gary,

My provider is
I tried also https, strangely a dialog opens asking for my password and would not accept my mail password.

I also enabled logging for caldav, but nothing is generated. Strange

Just checked the provider doc:
Die CalDAV-Adresse lautet .

so now I am lost

OK, create a new CalDAV account and enter that information.

I have that already

I see that suggests a different URI to what you are using:

Maybe that is the problem.

with my email address and mail password…
And the result is

I tried that, does not help and found the doc: that’s the URL for thunderbird.

I would have to ask them for eMclient-

Yes, sorry that was an old one. The correct one is

well that’s a progress :slight_smile:
But it does not synchronize

Don’t know why but now it works,
Calendar is synchronized between EM client , web interface of my provider and iphone
Thanks and I wonder where you found that link…

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well, that does nor work any more :frowning:
no errors, nothing in logs under operations.

my calendar does not appear any more in my folders.

19:50:04 CalDAV Synchronizing account properties: Done

19:50:04 CalDAV Synchronizing items: For folder

19:50:04 CalDAV Synchronizing items: Sync of finished: 0 uploaded, 0 deleted, 0 obsolete, 1 items, 0 downloaded

19:50:04 CalDAV Synchronizing items: Done

well, fine
But I do not see this calendar on the calendar view.