CalDAV and CardDAV setup

I installed Radicale on my own server. I’d like to get eM connected to that. I have imap set up to that server already. I’m having a bit of trouble. The default port in Radicale seems to be 5232. I tried changing the url to something like I get no errors. I turned on logging. I get nothing! The calendar and contacts don’t show up for that account either.

Ideas? Suggestions?

I figured this out. I was using the incorrect URL. The URLs for Radicale look something like this:

and I had to create this by going to and log in to the webpage. I had to create separate calendar and contacts and add 2 separate accounts.

Is it normal to have 3 seperate accounts for my server? (an imap acct, a calendar acct and a contacts acct)? I was wondering if I set something up differently that eM would have noticed the calendar and contacts acct the first time when I added my imap acct and grouped them all under a single acct?