CalDAV + 10.6.6 Server

I have a client with a Mac Mini running 10.6.6 Server. He uses the calendar service, CalDAV. It’s set up on his Macs correctly but on the PC eM Client continues to reject the server information. On the server side I don’t even see the connection showing up in the logs (even as failed) so it looks like we’re not entering the information in the correct format. I was working off of this forum question:… but the format in the answers is for Address Book or CardDAV, not CalDAV. Does anyone know how the correct format to use?

as mentioned at the thread you referred to the URL for the OS X CalDAV server should be in the following format:


(with “http” at the beginning, the forum turns it into a link if I type it directly there)

If it does not work do not hesitate to let us know about the issue.

I have my client trying that again to see if it works. I’ll let you know!