Calander doesn't sync between 2 devices


Has anyone had & resolved this problem?

I use eM Client on two devices. laptop & desktop. The laptop runs off Windows 7, the Desktop uses Windows 10.

My calendar entries only appear on the device on which they were created.

I am not trying to sync with Google or anything like that, Just simply using eM Client on two devices.

Both machines are using the latest version of eM Client.

Any help would be appreciated otherwise I think I’ll have to try something else.

In order for the calendar to sync between the two devices, they both need to be connected to the same online calendar, whether that is Google or something else.

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Thanks for your help. The calendar I use is the one embedded in the eM Client program. The emails sync so i thought the calendar function would do the same?

Yes as @Gary says has to be an online cloud type calendar to sync same data to multiple devices.

Eg: My Gmail and Live cloud account calendars (will sync), but the Local calendar will not.


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Ok. please forgive my ignorance. I thought the calendar was online!? okay, so it just runs offline & independent to individual devices. We’ll I guess I need to find another program that syncs automatically over the internet. Thanks for your help Gary & cyberzork

It may be that you already have a calendar setup with your provider.

Go to the calendar section of eM Client and see what folders are there.

Is there one for your account?

If so, save any new events you create in that folder, and they will sync with the server, and any other devises and applications connecting with that as well.

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Okay. Thank you both very much! I do have an email calendar provided by my hosting service. I just need to work out how to inject that into the eM client calendar program. I have found the link to inject into it. Just not where/how to do that.

cyberzork can you tell me how you added the (cloud) folder? :pray:

@Luke0B Normally your ISP Cloud calendar (would be there automatically) in eM Client to enter events as @Gary advised when you add the account initially. However some ISP’s do not have them available. So ask your ISP technical support if they have cloud calendars available.

My ISP didn’t have a cloud calendar and only had mailbox & news access, so I setup alt accounts at Gmail and Live (which had cloud calendars) too as in my screenshot example above.

Hi cyberzork I definetley have a cloud calander. I just can’t work out how to add it to eM client as you have done. I have the link. But when I create a new folder in the Calendar tab there doesn’t seem to be any option to configure it other than to change its name and colour. I don’t seem to be able to change the folder location. Its currently set to a local folder & greyed out. The same thing happens when I create a new folder.

@Luke0B The cloud calendar will normally only automatically appear in eM Client Calendar when you either run the “Automatic setup” wizard at the top (if your cloud calendar type is supported in eM Client), or you have to try “Manually adding a calendar”.

So as your cloud calendar didn’t automatically appear, then you might be able to “Manually add it in” .

(To Manually add a calendar"
Click “Menu / Accounts / Add Account”.

Then click “Calendar” as per example below and there is options to add specific ISP Calendar Cloud eg: Some ISP’s have CalDAV calendar support.

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Thanks so much mate. I’m getting there I think. I’ll back up my appointments to my hosting Calendar and have a go at this.

Edit: I’ve tried this but I’m getting an error. I must be putting in some of the information wrong. I will have to try and work through it. I might try contacting my hosting provider for help.