Bypass Database Check

Is there a way to bypass the database check? Every time I close the client, when I reopen I get a message that says “eM Client was not closed correctly the last time. To ensure your data is safe several checks need to be performed.” Well, these checks took 30 minutes when I installed eM last week, then they took 45 minutes, now I’m at ONE HOUR 25 MINUTES WAITING FOR THE CLIENT TO OPEN!!!

I really trust that my data is safe by now…how do I bypass the database check?? Or even better, how do I make it stop appearing when I open the client after closing it by clicking the X in the upper right corner???


Hi Kitra
I experience the same problem when eM is closed abnormally (eg when doing a system restart).

I have learnt to first close eM normally through exit menu then wait until eM shuts down in the Win Task Manager. eM does a lot of housework before shutting down and if that is cut short or overridden I expect the dbRepair at startup.

My system takes up to 2 hours before opening again. I do have an enormous email load and many email accounts across gmail, and email servers, so you can understand why I am very precise about closing eM properly :slight_smile:

As I understand it, the dbRepair is essential to eM system’s filing integrity. Most of the time is taken up with synchronizing with IMAP accounts, so it is also dependent on your internet speed.

I would suggest you take a moment and review your system and make sure eM has firewall clearance, no throttling and enough RAM etc.

Believe me, I have reviewed every email client out there and I have decided there is nothing to match eM for my requirements. I will live with eM warts and all!

Hope that helps, but it does not ease your current situation.

Beau Compton

this behaviour should be definitely fixed in the upcoming version 5.0. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but there is a workaround - just contact me directly at [email protected] and I will send you instructions.

Note: I cannot post it here because it is a bit unorthodox solution.

This is completely insane. I am in 6.0 Beta, and fifteen minutes into a database check with no sign of progress.

I have never owned a software whose database verification was this slow and cumbersome. Who writes such self-crippling software?


This might happen, it is still beta only can I ask what happened before you went trough database check?


Hard to say in that case. It was the first time I started EMClient for the day, that day. It is possible the machine was shut down with EMClient open, even though I essentially NEVER shut down my machine with anything running. Still, things happen.

JUST NOW, I tried to start EMClient after having shut it down normally yesterday, and after NEVER HAVING TURNED OFF MY MACHINE in the meantime, and it again claimed it did not shut down properly last time and checked for a corrupted database. It took ten minutes to start. This is a VERY bad sign for the usability of this software.

I am accustomed to the database structure and behavior of the Opera mail client, which, with HUGE volumes of mail never went corrupt on me in 12 years of use, and which has an inbuilt database reconciliation routine it runs periodically, that takes two or three minutes ON SHUTDOWN, not on startup.

I went to the Opera client because Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and Eudora all either had database corruptions occur with my volume of mail, or, at one point, keeled over dead just trying to import my existing mail accounts, halfway through the task.

I am looking for EMClient to not have database problems or, if it does, to be able to fix itself without going into a blue funk for 20 minutes on startup, trying to do it.

In the case above, the client eventually started fine, and then was working fine, until just now. This time I know FOR SURE it was properly shut down. I find a startup verification process which takes forever and never displays any progress indicator to be a very user-unfriendly feature.

I’m a paying customer. There are some traits of this software that are beginning to make me wonder if I made a wise decision.

  1. There is no context menu item to “permanently delete.” You have to delete and then empty trash. To make matters worse, with regular IMAP setup, although the “global trash” shows the right trash count, you there is no context menu commend to empty it. You have to go into each individual account and empty its trash, one account at a time. And if you do so, when you right-click the trash to empty it, you are taken out of the inbox and have to click back to it.

  2. There is no conversation view, though it has been promised for three years. This is a serious drawback.

  3. There is a mail size column, but it doesn’t show in compact list view. Mail size will not display in anything but single line view, which requires taking up half the screen with the list and defeats mail pane on right view. If you can’t display mail size in compact view, at least show it in a hover tooltip.

  4. List column selection and reordering does not work fully. One is forced to have the date on the first line. I prefer Sender and Date on the second line, and subject on the first line, with a line all to itself. This is not possible.

  5. There is no global column view setup. You have to build each view.

  6. I’m getting this bad startup behavior. That makes me nervous.

  7. The command bar is non-configurable. I can’t move the “send and receive” button where I want it (at the far left), and there is no “icons only” option. I am stuck with text labels on the command bar.

So thanks for asking. I’m afraid I turned this into a gripe session. In case you can’t tell, I’m getting very frustrated trying to find a MAPI client with high database reliability, configurable display, ergonomic design, that syncs with my GMail contacts and has a syncable calendar.

well problems with beta are expected, fortunately most of them are resolved in possible 2nd release of open beta.

Anyway if you are paying user you should use this support instead it is meant for pro users and has much faster response with more skilled colleague.

but when you have posted here I can answer to you:

About database eM Client’s database is designed to be fast and reliable with huge amounts of data and it is - problems in beta version are expected, that is why it is beta.
Also most problems with database comes from when users do anything to it manually, like using non eM Client’s backup or replacing parts of database from another and so on.

  1. when I right click on trash no view is being changed, only thing that appears is context menu from which I can empty trash.
    In settings you can set “empty trash on exit” that is great solution to mass trash empty.

  2. Conversation view was included a while in eM Client, but it cause many problems so it was taken from, it will be implemented but we need to make sure that it works and is not causing more harm than use.

  3. you want to have mail size in hover preview? It is designed to show only important informations as server only as preview.

  4. can you describe what exactly do you mean? I am having no troubles to sort columns like I want in every view.

  5. Well ever view has different columns and is supposed to show different things that makes global set up quite useless

  6. Were you getting it in non beta version too?

  7. not planned.

I hope this answers all your questions


I’ve just started using eM Client and I get this problem.

I’m using version 6.0.19861.0, so I expected it to be fixed in this version.

I hope you can fix it soon, as it’s a real pain.


Hi, could you be more specific please? For example do you turn off your computer with eM Client opened? Is this happening only after complete shutdown or restart?
When you close (complete exit) eM Client do you still see mailclient.exe process in windows taks manager?


Thanks for your quick response.

I think it happens when a do a restart/shutdown, without closing eM Client first. If it exit cleanly, it does not appear to happen. Shouldn’t it still exit cleanly when you do a restart, stopping Windows shutting down until it has completed this?


Hi Simon,

It’s best to close eM Client manually before you shutdown Windows, to prevent issues with the database.

Hi Hans,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I realise that but it would be useful if that wasn’t necessary, as I (like a lot of other people, I would image) are quite often in a hurry and just do a shutdown. I believe it’s possible for an application to stop Windows shutting down until it has finished tidying up - wouldn’t this be possible with eM Client?


Hi Simon,

I also think eM Client should be able to react on the ‘shutting down’ event of Windows and prevent Windows from shutting down, until eM Client is closed in a ‘clean’ way.

Could you please answer my previous question?
I need answer to this “When you close (complete exit) eM Client do you still see mailclient.exe process in windows taks manager?”

If This is trued then use this tool… and send me created file to [email protected] with this topic’s subject.



Sorry if I wasn’t clear. If you close eM Client, mailclient.exe terminates after about 15 seconds. You can then restart eM Client without it doing the database check.


Hi, could you try to disable your antivirus and then shut down computer with running eM Client?

by disabling I mean all services it runs, this might be cause by it checking eM Client’s database while shutting down computer.