Buying Pro plus lifetime upgrades

  1. I have a “free license” right now.  If I want to purchase Pro and Lifetime upgrades, how much would it cost me?  Would the Pro license and Lifetime upgrades both continue in perpetuity?

  2. Would there be a discount if  I did the same for  my wife at the same time?

  3. Once purchased, if  I want to install it on other PC’s with the same mail accounts, would there be any additional cost?

Mike Monsen

Hello Mike, if you’d like to use eM Client PRO on multiple computer, you have to purchase a license on this site, we’re using a price reduction based on the number of licenses you purchase, e.g. the more licenses you purchase at a time the less you pay per each license. Unfortunately as far as I’m aware there are currently no discounts or promotions running at the moment, but you can check with our sales department in case you’d like to purchase a higher volume of licenses.

Your future purchases unfortunately do not apply to the current purchase, so in case you’d like to add another license to your current license, the same policy would apply, e.g. the more licenses you purchase at a time the less you pay for each one.

To purchase a license with the lifetime upgrades, use the checkbox on the license purchase site, to add lifetimes to your current purchase.

Hope this helps,