Buying a pro license with or without upgrades?

To me, it seems to be very unusual, that I can buy a PRO license but then I will not receive any upgrades. Seriously? The current version still has bugs, does that mean that when I buy the current version and there are fixes being pushed to a new major version (which then is supposed to be an upgrade), then I will not get it? However, when I pay additional 70 Euro to get all upgrades, where is the roadmap so I get a feeling what I buy here? Thing is, 50 Euro is very okay with me as I started to love emClient. but 120 bucks that is way too much compared with other software.
For my understanding: the license key I would receive will be valid for a specific major version, correct? If I want to install from fresh downloading another version entering my license key, it will not work, correct? and what’s with the free version… my wife just doesnt need the pro version but will she end up with a mess when starting from scratch (new machine or whatever) because her email db wont work with newer versions?

There are two Pro License options. One is a license for the current version, and the other includes lifetime upgrades.

What that means is that if you purchased a license for version 7, you can install all version 7.x upgrades, and use version 7.x indefinitely. You cannot use the license with version 8 or later.

A lifetime upgrade option means you can use the license with any version. So 7, 8, 9, 10, etc.

Updates are automatically offered at staggered intervals. That means that it is possible eM Client will not notify you of an update on the day it is released. It may be a few days later. But you can always check in the Release History, where you can download and install versions allowed by your license.

If your license is for version 7 only, it will not work with version 8.

The Free License is available as long as you are using eM Client for personal use only. As there is no charge for the license, understandably some features are restricted or not available. A Free License is for life and can be used indefinitely across all versions of eM Client.

thank you Gary. Do you know if there is roadmap existing? Lets say I buy my lifetime upgrades now, how fast will my current version be outdated? also intersting could be what I do get for the money? paying 70 Euro for just getting new colors or a new gui could be a waste :slight_smile:

There was a new 8.2.x release on Monday. Sometimes an issue will be addressed and a service release like that will be available immediately, but there is no definite schedule for service releases.

The Pro License allows you to use some features that are not available to Free License users, and it also allows you to use eM Client in a business environment. So there is that. The lifetime upgrade option allows you to upgrade to all other versions of eM Client, for life. So instead of paying an upgrade charge for every major version release, it is a one-off payment.

If you are happy with the current version you have, then there might not be any need to upgrade. There are still users who have never upgraded from version 6. But as those versions are no longer in development, severe changes made by providers could mean that the older versions of eM Client can no longer connect with them.

but the problem is first you have to buy the pro version for 54 dollars then spend another 70 dollars to upgrade to lifetime upgrades. thats a rip off