Business mail addresses not shown in the list (Google Contacts)


I’ve just downloaded “eM Client” to try it before I buy.
Everything works fine except that I have a problem with one little thing.
When I sync the calendar with Google Contacts, I see no email addresses for all companies that are in my contact list. If I look in the details of the contact then the mail address marked as “Business”, not “E-mail”, “E-mail 2” or “E-mail 3”. In the list there is no column named “Business” that I can activate/show.

So how do I solve this? How do I show work mail addresses in the list?

this problem is already solved and it will be possible in version 3.1 which will be released soon.


Milos Kovalcik.

Brilliant! And thanks for a quick reply.
Is also “Empty Trash on Exit” possible in version 3.1?

We plan “Empty trash & junk on exit” to version 3.2