Bullets, Numbering and Formatting

So, I’ve read many posts going back to 2013 on this issue of bullets and numbering not handling the most basic of paragraph formatting. That this is still an issue 8 years on is baffling to me.

All I want is a list of either bullets or numbers with a line space between each one.

Before anyone suggests using word or similar and then copying this across … I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work and frankly getting a second product to make the first product work, that I’m paying for no less, seems ridiculous.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

It comes down to the HTML.

If you use Shift + Enter to add the line between, your bullets and numbering will work.

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Thanks Gary … that actually works! :wink:

Any chance you know how to change the list indent measurement? Would be nice to increase it slightly.

When you have written your bulleted list, right click on the message body and select “Edit source”. This opens an HTML editor where you can edit the tag describing the style of the bulleted list. You can insert the statement e.g. “margin-left:100px” to adjust the indentation, 100 pixels in this case. So a sample message with its HTML code could look like this.

I don’t know any easier solution, but this one works.


Thank you … I’ll play around with that later.