Bullet shortcut?

Is there a shortcut to turn on bullets? In Gmail it’s Ctrl+Shift+8 and in Outlook it’s Ctrl+Shift+L. I don’t see it in emclient’s list of shortcuts. Is there any way to add it? Or any way to set up an AutoHotKey script to do it without having to use screen coordinates?


Did you find out a shortcut for this formatting @Tom_Goodell ?

@eigenstil the reply was that there’s no way to do it. I may write an autohotkey script to do it, but it will be dependent on screen coordinates, meaning that the window in which I’m typing the reply will have to always be in the same position on the screen. That may work for me, as when I’m using eMClient I’m usually consistent in where the windows are. It’s not a particularly elegant solution but I think it would work for me. It’s pretty simple to do, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you’re familiar with Authohotkey—a free, open source scripting language that’s extremely powerful and well supported—you probably already know how to do this. It is a Windows app; I’m not sure if there’s anything comparable on Mac as that ecosystem is so closed.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Tom, I’m just a little bit familiar with autohotkey. But this is no viable solution for me, as my compose window is always on completly different screen coordinates.

I wish you great succes with your solution! :tada: