Build in File Extention Reader and Convertion Tool

Hi Everyone,

Could it be an idea to add an buildin extention reader to Em Client like pdf,word,powerpoint,excel files etc wich you are not depended on a separate extention reader and maybey it;s possible to make it backworks compatible with adobe Acrobat reader(DC) and Libre Office etc
to save files and convert mail files to pdf,word etc,it would be nice if it is possible to add a buildin convertion tool to em client or if it is not possible to make it backwords compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader(DC)LibreOffice etc

Kindly regards,

Geert Van Osch

Hi Geert,

Thank you for the idea. Currently, we have no plans on adding such extension to eM Client. However, I’ll add your vote to this feature request.