Buggy Shortcuts

Hi there!

Working with EM Client (V.9.2.1841, MacOS) for quite a while now - now I want to switch to using shortcuts (partially single-stroke):

  • reply all (CMD + R) → never replies “all”, no matter what I set up, it always stays (CMD + SHIFT + R)
  • archive (E) → Works
  • move to folder… (V) → stays on preset shortcut (CMD + SHIFT + V)
  • mark/unmark as important (red flag) (W) → Works

I’ve tried around for quite a bit now and still have no clue why some are working, and some are not; can somebody replicate this issue, or is it just me?


Generally single letter key shortcuts won’t work because they have other functions in your OS, and that’s why we don’t have them by default. We use F1 and Del, but no single letter key shortcuts.

Hi Gary, thanks for your fast reply.

“e” for archive works great as well; only shortcut I’ve been using for the past year.
WIll replace the rest of single-stroke shortcuts in that case, thanks.

Do you have an idea regarding the other issues? They occur regardless of single stroke or combinations with shift/cmd.

Edit: Don’t know what happened, obviously I restarted several times before creating this topic - after the last restart everything seems to work just fine → even single-stroke shortcuts like ‘e’,‘r’, ‘t’ (these are the ones I tested)

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