Hello I have always this message, and I can’t delete it. It comme back every time.
Thanks for help.

How about the message then?

If you don’t post it, how can anybody help.

Sorry !https://forum.emclient.com/

This error indicates that the message you are trying to send is bigger than what Gmail allows. 

You will need to delete the message that is still in your Outbox. To do that right-click on Smart Folders and choose Display > Outbox. Then go to the Smart Folder Outbox and delete the message.

OK thanks Gary.

If you visit the link in the error message 

My guess is that you have an email in your Outbox that exceeds the max size limit.
It’s waiting to be sent but is prevented by the reaction by Gmail.

Check your Outbox and that mail in it.
Reduce the size of the attachment to- or below- the allowable size or 
give a link to your Google Drive after you upload it .

Outbox in this case is in Local Folders.
If you don’t see this -Enable (tick) Local Folders

Menu - Tools > Settings

Hope this helps…


The Smart Folder Outbox includes the Local Folder Outbox. It is easier to use that option as it does not add a whole new folder tree and confuse everyone.

Thanks - I really don’t know what may- or may not- confuse everyone lol
The reason my post came after yours is because I started  it before your answer was posted - got interrupted -came back and finished it.

it was only after I posted that your answer showed up  ha ha