Bug? Reminders are lost when sending Google Calendar Invitations


I’m using Version 8.2.1473 (purchased licenses) and we all work with Google Workspace accounts.

When I create an event on EM Client I specify a reminder (i.e. 30 minutes before start) and I choose the participants. I send the invitations but the attendees receive the event WITHOUT A REMINDER and EM Client never displays the Reminder Window. So, I tested creating events directly on the Web Google Calendar and the participants receive the reminders/notifications (they are not lost). They even show on the Reminders EM Client Window, despite the fact that EM Client interprets the invite.ics file as “No reminder”. However, when I try creating the events on EM Client, notifications are lost again.

Please, your help will be appreciatted.

Kind regards.

As you have a paid pro eM Client license, I would suggest to then lodge a support ticket via the Pro page https://support.emclient.com/

I no longer have access to VIP support, that’s why I’m asking for help here at this forum. They’re asking for a yearly payment now in exchange of VIP support.

Anyone please?
Your help will be appreciated.

I tested adding a “Standard calendar” event in eM Client V 8.2.1509 using my Google Calendar with a reminder set at 15mins before the event, with recipients who also have Google Calendar and the same eM Client version, and the recipients got the reminder at 9-10 mins before the event.

So the reminder did work for the recipients, just was delayed aprox 5-6 mins later than my reminder.

I and my recipients are all using a personal Google acct (Not Workspace). However i wouldn’t think Google Workspace acct would make any difference as still works off Google Calendar.

Check that you and all your recipients have set their Google Calendar “TimeZone” and “Country” correct in Google Calendar Online. Might be something to do with that. Just a thought.

Thank you, I followed your suggestions (country and time zone were ok), but unfortunately the problem remains. EM Client always generates an invite.ics file with Reminder set as “No Reminder”.

I have almost the same situation… I have Google Workspace and reminders are lost after someone changes the appointment time or something else. Also reminder pop-up fails all the time, in general after clic over “Ignore all” or sometimes I’ve lost scheduled meetings… it’s a sad situation because eM Client it’s the best application I’ve tested after Outlook, even if I have a free licen I want to have the pro license but I won’t untill they analyze/fix all the calendar issues as users we are suffering.

I hope they undertand something is not quite rigth with calendar functionality and put hand to work over this asap.