BUG: (Oddly) Formatted Text Doesn't Show as Formatted

When writing an email, if I paste formatted text (that I copied, say, from another application) into the emClient email window, it appears un-formatted, though in effect it retains its formatting (it just doesn’t show them correctly!). So when I send the email I wrote, things would appear to the recipient most of the times as oddly formatted email, and specifically with varying font sizes.

Any fixes for this quite horrendous bug?


paste ‘as text’ will use the formatting of your email.

Dear Ben,

Thanks for the tip.
Note that still this doesn’t contradict the description of the BUG: when not pasting ‘as text’, a formatted text shows as if it is NOT formatted, hence, making your sent email looking extremely unprofessional!


I would add that, even if you use Shift-Ctrl-V to “Paste as text”, the formatting can still get screwy.

In fact, eM Client has a tendency to add many extraneous HTML DIV tags in seemingly arbitrary spots, so you can never be sure what your email is really going to look like, unless you look under Menu:Edit:Edit Source to see the actual HTML that eM Client has generated.

Oftentimes, the HTML doesn’t match what is being displayed in the Compose window.

Moreover, when you look at the HTML of your message once it has been received on the other side (for example, if I send a message from eM Client to another Gmail address I own, and read the email in the Gmail web interface), then the received HTML can also differ from the HTML that eM Client displayed in its Edit Source window. This is especially true for signatures, and eM Client seems to randomly insert HTML DIV tags for non-existent HTML styles (styles that aren’t defined elsewhere).

I think someone on the dev team needs to audit the application code that generates and displays the HTML. My guess is that there’s a bunch of legacy code in there that isn’t well understood by the current developers.

For now, my workaround is to compose my eM Client emails in “Plain Text” format. When I need to reply “inline” to a message that has necessary HTML formatting, I switch to the Gmail web interface and compose my message there…

…because otherwise, eM Client surreptitiously changes font sizes and colors without displaying those changes in its Compose window, and then the recipient wonders why I am emphasizing random phrases by size and color.

It’s especially frustrating when the text size changes unexpectedly. It makes the sender appear to have suddenly begun shouting. Very unprofessional-looking.

I wish they would address this with all due haste. If I were still using email for business correspondence I would be forced to think about changing programs, to avoid this problem.

An only semi-related comment: I’ve noticed that the underlying html tagging for messages composed in this forum seems to rely solely on “br” tags for paragraph endings. When the “show tags” button is clicked, there isn’t a “p” element in sight. This makes the paragraph breaks look unnecessarily wider-spaced. It isn’t that big a deal, but it’s a sort of crude way to write html, in this day and age…

Three weeks, and no reply from the Develop team. I have innocently continued to use emclient, for professional purposes, and I presume that I look very unprofessional to my colleagues. This is really a disgrace.

I have thus switched to writing emails in “Plain Text” format only by default. But this still didn’t completely help, as Andy noted wisely: when I replied to an HTML it still looked awkward!

I used to think the unwanted font-size problem was limited to mail sent to people on Gmail. But it isn’t limited to Gmail. I see it almost every time I use any kind of formatting (italics, boldface, etc.). What I don’t know is whether the recipient sees the font-size changes at the time he receives my message — or if they occur only when the recipient quotes from my mail when he replies.

I hate having to use plain-text format. It defeats the whole purpose of having an email client that provides formatting. That can also look unprofessional. But the unwanted font-size changes look even worse. The only time I don’t see the problem is when I don’t apply any formatting whatsoever to a message — not one character changed to italics or boldface. Then I have a shot at a “pristine” message without having to go to 100% plain text. I wish that the developers, or tech support, could provide us with a suggestion on how to go about testing for this methodically so that we can help them find the cause. It seems to me they have to be able to replicate the problem themselves — otherwise, they can’t fix it.

BTW, is there any contact email to report this fatal bug to the development team?
This practically make emClient useless for most purposes.

I have now sent a message to the support team. Waiting for a reply.

I have now used the latest build to recover the bug. The bug persists: font sizes are changing, but eMClient won’t show them change.
The new build though does have some improvements on this bug.