Bug: Input of inconsistent recurrent appointment - end-date before start date possible

Unfortunately it is possible to create a recurrent appointment while setting the end-date of the repeat-cycle to an earlier date than the appointment itself.
  title: test
  Begin: 15.05.2018
   recurrent: weekly - end of repetition: 14.05.2018

you can save this appointment without any error-message or warning :frowning:

There are two problems with this (beside this appointment is senseless in any way):

  1. this appointment does not show up in the calendar - therefore you are not able to delete it again (only possible solution: if you remember the title, you can find it using the search-function)
  2. starting from now on you will get an annoying error-message at every synchronization with e.g. owncloud or nextcloud  due to the fact that such an appointment is rejected by the cardDAV interface (correct way)  - but looking at 1. -> it is hard to find and delete the appointment

please add a check filtering such appointment settings and inform the user and reject saving such appointments.
this would increase the usability of this great program further :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi Snoopy.
Strange one indeed! While they don’t show up in day/week/month views, you can find your weird events in the Agenda view.