Bug -- DOESNT keep changes after ending a recurring event

Hi guys,

I have a problem with recurring events.

Currently if I’m going to create a recurring event (with enddate or without) it works like a charm. If I change some of these events later on by drag and drop it still does the job perfectly.

But, if I change the the whole series of recurring events e.g. to stop at a specific day it will remove all the custom changes I did.

I give you an example:

One event starting e.g. Monday (1 hour) and should last for 4 more times. (->mo,tu,we,th)
Now move some of these events by dragNdrop.
Doubleclick one of these 4 events.
Click on modify the whole series.
Go to series and change the recurrence from 4 to 3. (->mo,tu,we)
Click okay and see what happens.

This is for me a major bug.

We work with customers and have appointsments for an unknown/flexible duration. Due to flexibility we need to quickly change fixed dates on several of these appointments. If we finally finished the contract or received a new end date we modify the series and loosing all changes for the PAST and FUTURE.


Hi Denis,
sorry for my belated reply, I’ve managed to replicate this issue quite easily, I’ve reported the issue to the developers and I’m currently waiting for a response, I’ll keep you posted on future progress on this issue.

Thank you for pointing this out to us,


there are so much problems concerning that recurring events. I paid for 5 licences and this is one of the major parts we are using.

Every update I wait for anything that is adressed to CALDAV or the CALENDAR but there is nothing.

I’ve waited to long without bug fixes.


Hi Denis, I’m really sorry the resolution for this issue is taking so long, I’ve submitted the issue to the developers, I believe the issue is on their to-do list already, but it may take a while until fixes like this take effect.
I’ll try to get more information about this issue and I’ll keep you posted on a possible solution for the issue.

Thank you for your patience,

Hi again, I just discussed the issue with one of the developers, it seems like this is unfortunately an intended behavior.
This is due to multiple scenarios that may occur, for example if you’re editing the series you might even change the start time for the whole series and without the reset to the rules of the recurring event users would not see this change, this is a similar behavior to other email/calendar clients as well.

We’ll consider improving this in future releases.

Thank you,

If tested it with thunderbird, evolution and it has the functionality I’d like to have. The only I found that does not is MS Outlook which has your implementation. But Outlook should not be in your scope … in my point of view.

Anyhow, I think it would be easy to implement with a question dialog:

Drag&Drop Dialog (If you move an element)

o Move all elements
o Move only this element (will be reset by changing series-core time settings)
o Move only this element out of series (seperate and creates a new appointment)

  • The first option will move the whole series.
  • The second will move selected appointment with your intended behaviour)
  • The third will cut&move the selected appointment out of the series and stores as a seperate appointment.

Double Click Option Dialog (double clicked on an element)

This window will stay as you programmed it but with a minor change for my problem.
If I will change the end-date or number of recurrencies or anything that will reset the series to its default setup, it will pop up another dialog which gives us the following options:

o Change and reset to default appointment settings
o Change but save “out-of-series/shifted appointments” into new appointments


Hi again, thank you for your input on this, I’ll send your notes to the developers.



As a customer who paid, I want the following question-dialog in the next update:

IF (there is any change for a recurring event which would normally reset the series to default values)
-> Aks the user if he WANTS to KEEP the manually changed events!
-> modify series as selected with/without manually changed events!

Guys, I’M so unhappy and angry because of that missing behaviour!

I cannot understand why this is not implemented.


PS: We paid for 5 licences with longtime support!

Hi Denis, if you’re a paid customer you can contact the paid support line with your request.

Thank you,

I had a conversation with someone from the paid support.
It was with no result for us. They are going to think about it but with no guaranty to implement it.