[Bug] Bug when huge conversation

I have a conversation with 3k emails in it (a group of friends).

When I click the conversation to see the latest message I received, it seems like eM Client is trying to load the entirety of the 3k messages, which would be silly.

Is it possible for eM Client to do ajax/infinite scroll with progressive loading of the emails?

Also, showing the very first emails of this conversation is of no interest to me, I only need to see the most recent ones. What is weird is that for another conversation with only 5 emails in it, I had 3 unread emails and 2 read emails, and eMC was hiding the read emails, with just a message “show the two older emails”, which is nice. Maybe I did something wrong with the huge conversation…

In any case, another problem is that as soon as it started loading the 3k emails (lol) it wouldn’t load anything else. I tried to switch to another conversation in the hope of cancelling the fetch request, but to no avail.

IMO it should cancel the fetch request when we switch to another conversation.

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Can’t say I have ever seen a conversation with 3000 messages. Not even on a support list. :wink:

Maybe enable the offline setting in your IMAP settings (Menu > Tools > Accounts) then there should be no delay loading the conversation’s messages from the server when you click on the conversation.

Hi, thank you for your reply,

Unfortunately it does not work any better.

I synced (offline setting) my whole inbox, and today I tried again:

The conversation panel (with all the emails pertaining to this very conversation) is unresponsive. It shows the button-ish “show the 2908 older emails”, which means it displays only 176 emails out of the 3084 emails of the conversation (if my math is any good). And 176 small lines showing only the sender and recipients should not make the panel unresponsive (the other parts of the app *are* responsive though).

I can’t scroll in that panel, I can’t click anything. Well, I’m stuck :slight_smile:

Any idea why it is frozen like that? Sometimes I see the “loading animation” (at the very top of the conversation panel) but that’s about the only sign of activity I see.

Can you try to mimic this case in your dev env, and see why it’s unresponsive? What is the technology behind the eM Client app? Electron? Not sure that it would be of any impact though…

Thank you for any input, Gary! :slight_smile:

We are all just users on this forum Ren. To get this to the developers with some sort of feedback would mean purchasing a Pro License and taking advantage of the VIP Support option.

They do monitor the forum anyway, but I did send a message asking them to take note of this thread.

Wow with that many posts you are just a user too? Kudos!

I am not sure I need a Pro license, as I am just a single user with not many needs. I wanted something more modern than Thunderbird, but my needs are still pretty limited.

I will leave this 3k messages conversation in the corner for now :slight_smile: (I had to quit the app and start it again, because I could no longer switch to another conversation after trying to open this one).

Have a nice day Gary! Thank you again!

Guess I am a little enthusiastic about this application. :wink:

You can always turn off the conversation feature using Menu > View > Conversations.

You didn’t say, but if you are not using the latest version available in the Release History, maybe install that and see if there is any difference.