email problems

I can no longer use eM Client for my address. It suddenly started telling me my password was wrong. Re-enterring it makes no difference. I am wondering whether my user name is the problem. It is another (hotmail) email address and not the btinternet one. Any suggestions?

You may want to check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) regarding your email account. Recently my ISP black-listed my email as I was not using Internet service as I was trying to access my email from elsewhere using as my Internet service. They thought it was spam and blacklisted my email! I have to call their tech service and elevate to Tier II service and white-list my email access using or other ISP.

Are you being asked to sign in from a Microsoft page? I am having this same problem. They screwed something up with ActiveSync in 7.1.

It just tells me there is an error with the user name and/or password

Are you using ActiveSync?

I think so but not sure