BT server send and reply issue

BT account emails go into Outbox and an error message appears. However no problem when I use my Gmail account. This happens sometime every month. I get prompted by EM client to change my password. I do this but it only works for a while. I have rebooted Windows PC and BT router often but still it comes and goes. I have also switched my AVG VPN on and off . Sometimes it works but then occurs again…

Unfortunately this is a know issue with BT. Their Openreach cables are actually quite good and most broadband Internet providers in the UK run along their network, but their email servers are pants. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, without you changing anything in the email applications you use.

As you already have a Gmail account, you might be better off having your BT account email forwarded to that address in case you have given out the BT address to anyone, and not using BT for email at all. It will save you a lot of frustration.

And really Gmail (other free email providers are also available) is independent of which Internet provider you use. You can only use your BT email address as long as you have an Internet connection with them. If you change to another Internet provider, you will lose your BT email address, whereas Gmail is yours for life regardless of what Internet provider you use. Or you could end up losing access to your email other than by webmail even if you remain with BT. Just like they recently did with BTConnect users. They decided that BTConnect users can no longer use email applications to access their email.

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Thanks Gary for the response. I tend to agree with you especially as I have just upgraded to BT full fibre and we have experienced a few teething troubles. I will use Gmail to send new mail, and I will reply to incoming mail by using the BT server and then move my reply to the BT inbox, which will upload to my PC. I can then carry on using my EM client folders. A bit of a fuss but it is a workaround.