BT email password change, now EM won't work

I have changed my BT mail password and now EM Client will not send or receive, it did before I changed it.
The email works fine server side at the BT site, and EM works OK with another account.

And before you ask I have changed the password on EM Client as well.

I have Googled this and it seems to be common problem, but so far I can’t fix it.

Thanks Dave

sábado 14 enero 2023 :: 1058hrs (UTC 0000)

Hey @DRC

You do not say if you use Windows 10 or 11 and version of eMC, also if IMAP or POP3 with or without 2FA so here are two links to BT Mail
When I am in UK I use separate laptop with BT ISP not their mail but have no problems


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Windows 10 on a desk PC.
I have contacted BT help and the SMTP and IMAP settings are OK.

I have the latest version of EM Client.

I’ve just run a diagnostic with EM and the IMAP is saying: your credentials were rejected.

Then you will need to contact the email provider, as there is either a server issue, or an issue with your account. Or it could even be they require you to use an app password and not the account password.

Sorted! It was my fault as I did not realise that any new password has to be in all 3 password boxes.
Works fine now.

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If you set the correct username and password in the General tab then the other two tabs, IMAP and SMTP, should have the option set to Use Identity Credentials. That way IMAP and SMTP will use whatever you set in the General tab, so a single point of failure.