Browsers not supported by sky .com emails from 12/12/2019

Yahoo sky email service have emailed to say support for certain browsers will end on 12/12/2019. The list of compatible browsers does not include eM client, the one I am using. Help, please!

That is because eM Client is not a web browser.

Browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Hello Gary. I am sorry I muddled up my wording on that question. Of course, I meant email client, rather than web browser, and eM Client is not on the list of email clients that will support, as from 12/12/2019. Bill

Maybe look at their website the other way around.

Apps that are  no longer supported :
Apple Mail on iOS 8 or earlier
Apple Mail on macOS earlier than macOS 10.11 El Capitan
Gmail on Android 4.4 or below
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2011
Outlook 2013
Outlook 2016
Windows Live Mail

They are referring to specific versions of applications, except for WLM which has been discontinued anyway. There are more than 60 different email clients in general use, and they probably all work with Sky. They just have their small list that they are prepared to assist users with, that is all.
Don’t panic, just use eM Client as normal!

Gary, thanks for your comments. I still feel apprehensive that my eM Client may not be working on 12/12/2019. As you suggest, I can only wait & see unless the eM Client tech people can reassure us that sky emails will be OK.

I am not employed by eM Client, but I assure you, it will work after New Year.

Besides, they are not saying these others will not work, they are saying they will not offer support. 

OK, thanks for the advice!

Hello BB,

Thank you for posting this.
It is possible that they’re (Yahoo) referring to the same as Gmail’s latest action - disabling all authentication methods other than OAuth (2.0). It means that mail clients which don’t support OAuth won’t be able to log into the mail account. However, with eM Client, you don’t need to worry since we support Oauth including OAuth 2.0 since the first version 7. 

eM Client

Perhaps, could you please send me the email from Yahoo to I’d like to review it in order to make sure it’s the OAuth thing.

Thank you.