Broken laptop

Hello, Em client was running on my father’s laptop. This laptop has finished working last weekend. The harddisks however are still functioning well.

Can I recover the mails from the old laptop, and move them to the new laptop?

Thanks for any answer already.

Sorry if my English is not good (native language is dutch)


Hello Bart,
if you can access the files, then the eM Client database is located in “C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\eM Client”. If you copy these data out to the same folder on a new device (and the data has not been corrupted) all the settings, account setups and local data should load when you open eM Client.
Alternatively, if your father made any backups, those will be located in the ‘Documents/eM Client’ folder. To restore from those, use the File>Restore option.