Brave browser won't display forum

I’m writing this from Chrome. Even though I have all extensions disabled in Brave, this forum page (or anything at “”) is a blank page. Wish I could find what is causing this; perhaps others have seen this behavior and might opine. Would appreciate the help.


Edit: Wiped out all cookies, etc. for the last 24 hours and the forum is back in Brave. Any ideas?

I use Brave browser on one of my PC’s (Windows 10). It works flawlessly. As you can see in the screenshot, emClient forum loads as expected. I suggest you save/export your personal data (bookmarks, passwords, etc.) and do a clean install of Brave. A hidden extension is probably to blame.

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I disabled all extensions and restarted Brave. Didn’t help. But when I cleared cookies, etc. for “last 24 hours”, the forum pages appeared. When this issue recurs, I’ll have to delete cookies, etc, one-by-one until I identify the culprit.

Maybe set brave to clear the eM Client cookie on exit and (keep all the other cookies). That way the forum will then load correctly everytime as it’s a new eM Client cookie each time.

I’ve done that and it makes me login every visit. However, as I use 1Password, it’s not that inconvenient. Still, would be nice to find what’s causing the problem.


I had an issue recently in both Chrome and Edge where I couldn’t scroll or click in the forum without first resetting the page (Shift + Ctrl + R).

Turns out it was a browser extension, that even though disabled, was causing it. I removed all my extensions and it worked. Then added them back one at a time until I found the culprit.

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