bounce an email back or block it using Country or Region code

Hi before using eM Client i used windows live mail in that program i could in “” Rule “” bounce an email back to the sender… I could also block  emails from a ""Country or Region “” by it’s code (( RU )) is this possable with eM  client (free)    and i am talking about Bouncing it back and / or blocking via  Country or Region code ?

I don’t know how to do that Ron, but I’d sure like to, given the amount of spam mails I get these days. If you find out how to do it, please post the answer.

BTW, I also recently changed from WLM to eM Client. All has been going well until I noticed my 250GB C: SSD was rapidly running out of space. I keep all my messages on a hard drive, so it took me while to work out what was happening. When I investigate, I discovered that my user/temp folder was taking up 111.5GB of space - of this 110GB was eM Client temporary files!

It seems that when eM Client creates a Zip backup file, it uses the temp folder to do so. This is OK, BUT it doesn’t delete the temp files when it’s done with them - so beware! Check your user/temp file regularly for eM Client files. (They will be in a separate folder, so easy to identify.)