Body Text Missing in E-Mail Mssgs Even After Configuring Acct for Off-Line Use

Hello Fellow eM Client Users,

I installed eM Client v6.0.198610 on my Win 8.1 laptop a few days ago (Mar. 22, 2014). Sync’d with my Google account (Mail/Calendar/Contacts/Tasks). Calendar, Contacts and Tasks are fine, but the large majority of e-mail messages do not contain ANY message body text, only headers. Converted from Thunderbird, and in comparison all my e-mails contain body text. In eM Client, all that is in the message body are e-mail addresses and web links. I configured the account in eM Client to download messages for offline use, but after synchronizing it did NOT resolve issue.

As an irony, I had trouble creating this forum account so I wrote eM Client’s tech support for help. They wrote back, but I could not read their reply because…no text in the message body! (I read their reply on my iPhone.)

Can anyone provide solution? Thank you!

M. Lawson

can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP logging for the problematic account, save the settings and restart the application.

Now, please either send a message to yourself with something in the body, or wait until a mail without the body comes in. Open the message that contains no body/no content.
If you receive the issue (not sure at the moment if you have the problem with all the received messages), go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send Logs”, please add my mail as a copy to the mail with the logs (

Thank you, we’ll take a look at what’s happening, this is really unusual behavior. Are you receiving any errors along with the issue?

Thank you,

I want to thank eM Client’s tech support agent, Paul, who patiently and thoughtfully worked to correct this problem. Thankfully, the problem was NOT associated with any technical issue regarding eM Client, but its user [me], who had somehow during the course of configuring the program had set the text color to…white. Paul quickly diagnosed and corrected the problem leaving me to happily go about my business and thoroughly enjoy using eM Client. Thanks, Paul!

I’m glad everything works now, let us know if you have any more issues or questions about the application.