Blurry fonts

Dear, from version 7.1.30794.0 I have in messages blurry fonts. I am afraid, that eM client goes similiar way as Google Chrome, which have same blurry fonts. I don’t know, what delevopers want achieve this way. They want so that we all will go blind? Why they don’t leave display sharp fonts? Maybe it is some new “feature”? But why??? I will be forced go back to Thunderbird.

Interestingly, eM Client uses Google Chrome as the rendering engine.  So it’s not a surprise that if you have a problem with Chrome, eM Client will be problematic as well.  This may be due to Chrome’s change to DirectWrite.  Try this:

  1.  In chrome browser type in:  chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write and press enter.
  2.  Click on the “Enable” button below the “Disable DirectWrite Windows”
  3.  Restart Chrome and eM Client and let us know if it works.

Hello, currently I have not installed Google Chrome on my computer, but I saw these ugly blurred fonts on another computer(s) with Chrome browser. But I tried now another thing: I ran EM client in compatibilty mode for “Windows XP”, and fonts are sharp and look great. I am using Windows 7 64 bit. Its not quite clear solution, so if you have another, let me know.

This happened to me in v7.2.

Disable desktop scaling in shortcut options (same place as the compatibility mode options) and that will fix it.

same blurry problem here after updating to 7.2, using win7 64bit here too