Blue screen on shutdown when Em in systray..

Off and on I’ve gotten the blue screen of death related to winsys.dll when shutting down. EM is in the systray. I believe this is related to the shutdown and restart problem where the database is checked due to improper shutdown. THE BLUE SCREEN appeared on two different occasions when the program was left open. Pretty certain it’s Em. Win Xp sp3


Can I ask you if this (with eM Client opened) is only situation when windows are showing Blue Screen?

Anyway database check is not cause but consequence.

btw after a little Googling I have found that winsys.dll is often associated with adwares and trojans - can you do antivirus check in your computer (deep one)?


My main reason for using em client is to have a client that syncs with gmail and is the system default; this so I send docs and pdfs to email through ms word or nitropdfs browser plugin. Finally, it is nice to have em client open at windows startup, minimized and available.

John. I have no trojans, virus etc. and never have blue screens except for the two separate occasions when em client was left open in a minimized state on the systray at shutdown. It doesn’t happen every time, however the database checking was occuring at each startup. Em client’s shutdown issue is causing the blue screen.

On the two separate occasions, weeks apart, that I have kept the program open in a ram resident state, I have experienced blue screens. Each time, pretty certain that it is was caused by Em Client, I removed the program.

Now, noting that there is a known termination problem at shutdown and the blue screen appeared each time at shutdown and having no other blue screen problems it is not unfair to say that windows xp and em client are not playing nice. And yes the startup check and reference to that on this forum help to make the case; however I suspected that em client was responsible as blue screens are not usual for this Dell 2400.

Correction of the issues of Phone label syncing (which I reported earlier) and this shutdown issue will go a long way towards making your product standout as the important application that it is. Em Client is a slick and needed application and Its my feeling that these are code issues that should be addressed as fast as possible.
I am pleased that you are working on the labeling issue but note that this shutdown problem has been around for quite some time.

Hi John… you know, I just got word that version 6 is coming out. I guess this makes the problems noted above mute for version 5. I hope that these issues are corrected, or implemented in the new version.

Systray residency and simple mapi transfer would be really neat. Xing my fingers.