Blue screen during backup

Hello, for some time now I have been having many blue screens, indicating the error drive_IRQL_LESS_OR_EQUAL ndis.sys. I have checked the windows dump file, I am not an expert nor am I sure, but it indicates some problem with the network card, but in the file it also indicates:
PROCESS_NAME: MailClient.exe
I have noticed that it usually happens when the email client is backed up. I don’t know if it will be a problem directly caused by eMclient, but I’m already desperate about the issue. Thank you

lunes 24 abril 2023 :: 0757hrs (UTC +0100)

This is Windows driver issue, The easiest thing for you to do is to
view this video an follow the instructions exactly.
“Watch the video a few times so that you understand”

Here is the: VIDEO LINK

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