Blown away by this wonderful Outlook replacement

I’ve been stuck on Outlook 2003 because every time I think about updating and do some research, all I see is how bad the newer versions are and what a nightmare the update process is. I recently found out the hard way that all of my outgoing emails have been going out without the spelling corrections the Outlook spell checker was making due to a Microsoft policy that the versions of Outlook and MS Word need to match for the spell checker to function correctly. Mine don’t and to my horror, all of my butchered spelling has been going out unfixed ever since I updated my MS Word!

Anyway, that issue alone mandated I get off the mark and update Outlook. A Google search for Outlook replacements returned eM Client as a worthy contender. I downloaded and imported from Outlook (10 POP3 email accounts) and honestly it was to my surprise that that process went off without a single problem. Now, using eM Client, I am blown away by how much faster it is than Outlook and just how nice it is to use. I wish I had found eM Client sooner! It is totally worth the Pro license price - thank you!

Hi, thank you for showing us your support :slight_smile: