Blocking tracking email from Gmail doesn't work

If I receive commercial tracking mail, it is properly blocked by eM Client.
If I send a mail from Gmail with plugin Saleshandy, no email tracking is detected in eM Client.
Setting eM Client: “Display content if email tracking is not detected”.

Sometimes provider Ziggo places the email in his spambox on the server.
Mailbird blocks the email well…

Does this plugin actually place a tracking pixel in the message?

Yes. Please, see:
Placing pixel Saleshandy

So there actually is a tracking pixel in the message?

You already have a ticket open for this, in which I asked you to send me a sample of this message. Please do so then we can see what is happening.

I’ve done so.

“One of the best email tracking software are apps such as GMass, Right Inbox, Salesforce Pardot, MailTrack, SalesHandy or Cirrus Insight.”

Did eM Client check if tracking email of these apps were recognized?

We have now addressed this issue and the fix will be in the next release of 9.2.