Blocking spam addressed to me like

I am having a problem that’s just recently appeared where spam mail is being sent to me, under multiple switching address prefixes like or
Obviously this is not my address yet I am receiving it.
The senders keep changing.
I’ve junked and blocked the domain but it’s not helping.
Any suggestions?

Go into your “Yahoo mailbox online” and keep marking those emails as spam. This normally will then start training your Yahoo mail box for any future emails from this sender, to ultimately then no longer see those emails once it’s trained.

Also see this Yahoo link where you can setup filters to control excessive inbox spam.

If you still keep getting emails from this sender, suggest to contact Yahoo directly via the following link. At the bottom of the link below (when you open it) there is a description box to explain what’s happening on the contact form.

Great info cyberzork.
Didn’t realize I had to keep marking the spam to train the software.