Blocking configuration

The eM Client supports their configuration are not changed by users? such as GPO policies on Windows Domains? Or any way to prevent the user to add other email accounts and chat? (facebook, aim, etc) ?

Hi, unfortunately neither if these options are possible in eM Client, the user of the client is always in control of what account he may or may not use.

Thank you for understanding, hope you can manage to use this setting,

I cannot thank you enough for *NOT ALLOWING* GPO’s to change my email application.  I’m tired of corporate IT assmonkeys continually forcing my machine into “dipshit Executive Vice President” mode whenever I launch Outlook 2013.

I DO NOT WANT THREADED EMAIL.  I DO NOT WANT GROUPED EMAIL.  I DO NOT WANT 27 COLUMNS IN MY EMAIL OVERVIEW.  I DO NOT WANT 17 VIEWS AND PREVIEWS AND OPTIONAL WORTHLESS BULLSHIT OPTIONS LIKE “FOLLOW UP” AND “QUICK STEPS” IN MY EMAIL WINDOW AND MY PANELS.  All of these things are pointless, stupid, obnoxious, and useless noise and clutter, and are only used by brain-dead assholes that think they’re “Like, Totally L33T!”.

Now that I know I’ll be able to block assholes and their stupid Group Policy Objects I’ll be buying and installing eM Client on all five of my machines.