Blocked Sender List

How do I view the blocked sender list and is there a way to manually paste blocked addresses to the list.


If by blocked senders you mean those that are being sent to the Junk E-Mail folder, those are called Black Listed addresses. You will find the list in Rules. Menu > Tools > Rules > Black List.

When you modify the rule, you can add or remove items manually.

Yes I have looked at that, but you have to add them one at a time!  I have a few hundred on my blocked list from Windows Live Mail so not worth the time an effort as many of them may be defunct in any case.  I will probably start from scratch and add them as they come in.

This is the only negative feature I have found so far on an otherwise excellent programme.  

If you can export them from WLM into a csv or vcf format, then you can import them into eM Client into a separate contact folder.

Then in the Black List, you can add them by clicking on Contacts and add the whole list from the contact folder at one time.

Yes many thanks, that would have worked.  Unfortunately I saved them to a txt file which I have now deleted and I have also uninstalled WLM which is no longer available.  No worries I will soon build up a new list in EMC.