blocked email address'

Some of my emails are not reaching the recipient. I have have checked with my webmail account and the emails are getting through. Where can I check on eM Client which email address’ are blocked and why ?

Are the messages in your Sent folder?

If they are, ask the recipient to check their spam folders.

Hello Gary, yes, they are in my sent folder and I asked the recipient to check the spam folder as well. So far I have found out about 2 recipients and a 3rd one this morning.

Right-click on Smart Folders and choose Display > Outbox then look in the Smart Folder Outbox and see if the messages are there. However, because they are in the Sent folder it is most likely that they have been delivered to your email provider’s server otherwise you would have got some error message.  Maybe check with your email provider and see if there is some issue with them delivering messages.

Is there a “blocked recipients” list or something similar in eM Client. I remember outlook used to have something like that. I’m trying to find something, because if I send emails to the same address’ through a webmail account, they go through. Could this still be a email provider issue ?

No, there is no blocked recipient’s list. If there was, the message would not be in your Sent folder. 

Some recipient email servers do not like signatures, and consider the message as spam. If you are using a signature in eM Client, maybe send without the signature and see if that works.

The signature might be the issue. I’ll do some testing and let you know.
Thanks very much for your help, Gary

The signature was the reason for this. Now I know what was the reason and what email server doesn’t like it.
Thanks again for your help Gary !!