Block emails not in contact list

How do I tell emclient to block any email address that is NOT in my contacts?

Unfortunately eM Client doesn’t have a function like that.

But maybe your email provider does. Have a look in webmail if there is some setting.

I thought of that, but then I would have to load my contacts into my ISP. I prefer not to do that.

From what I’ve seen, spammers somehow create fake email addresses with domains made up of random words. Every time I add one of these domains to my block list, I get 10 more emails with different randomly generated domain names. These will fill up your email address block list in no time.

How do I request a modification to emclient? It seems this is a very important, yet very easily implemented modification.

eM Client has no spam detection ability. This is something that is handled by your email provider.

Best option is to open webmail, select the message in the Inbox there and mark it as spam.

so there is no way to request an enhancement to em client?

I don’t want em client to detect spam. I just want them to allow only addresses in my contact list. The ones that are stopped may be spam or not, i don’t care.